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Sketching for Beginners +Animals Sketching 

✨ Sketching for Beginners online course
🔸 1. Chocolate muffin sketch

🔸 2. Hot chocolate sketch
🔸 3. 
Cherry sketch

🔸 4. Fruit dessert sketch
🔸 5. 
Plumeria sketch

🔸 6. Orchid sketch
🔸 7. Apple and cinnamon
🔸 8. Cup with marshmallows sketch

✨ Animals sketching online course
🔸 1. Butterfly

🔸 2. Parrot
🔸 3. Panda
🔸 4. Corgi
🔸 5. 

🔸 6. Giraffe

🔸 7. Zebra

🔸 8. Tiger

Bonus classes:

 1. 🎁 Berry Tartlet sketch
 2. 🎁 Chocolate Trifle sketch
 3. 🎁 Protea sketch 
 4. 🎁 Cupcake with a cookie sketch 
 5. 🎁 Little bunny sketch

+ 12-months access to all the learning materials

+ Detailed video- and photo-tutorials of every technique

+ Private chat with your tutors and coursemates 

+ Homework checkups and feedback from course instructors

+ Check lists and unique methodology

Bonus classes:
1. 🎁 How to make a great photo of your sketch for social media?

2. 🎁 How to find your first clients and start making money?

3. 🎁 Sketch a real dessert: chocolate trifle 

4. 🎁 Sketch a nice and delicious berry tartlet