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Animals sketching

Class 1. 🔸 Butterfly

Class 2. 🔸 Parrot

Class 3. 🔸 Panda

Class 4. 🔸 Corgi

Class 5. 🔸 Raccoon

Class 6. 🔸 Giraffe 

Class 7. 🔸 Zebra

Class 8. 🔸 Tiger


• Choose correct tools

• Create your own color paletter

• Make a color gradient and combine various colors

• Line drawing exercises

• Hatching exercises

• Create schemes for animals' sketches

• Learn how to draw animals from various angles

+ 12-months access to all the learning materials

+ Detailed video- and photo-tutorials of every technique
+ Private chat with your tutors and coursemates  
+ Homework checkups and feedback from course instructors
+ Check lists and unique methodology